About Girls Sweat Too

Louise Huggett


Fitness, health & general wellbeing have been my world for as long as I can remember. I would focus my efforts on being my personal best in everything I attempted while living in awe of those who seemingly breezed through the attainment of goals, living their lives with apparent confidence & ease.

What I have learnt over the years is that my perception of my world was a projection of my own desire for confidence & perfection. Unrealistic, anxiety provoking & just plain exhausting expectations of myself had to be named & kicked off their podium.

I have learnt that outward confidence can be a mask for inner turmoil & insecurity. What appears to come easily for some can be just the surface of a very tough process…far from easy.

I have learnt that, regardless of the judgements of others, real or perceived, the judgements we make of ourselves can be the most destructive.

Girls Sweat Too reminds us that we are human; that perfection is exactly where we are at in any given moment; that living a life of healthy choices takes effort & a little sweat; & that being our personal best is exactly that…ours to own, shape & define.

Girls Sweat Too is a continually evolving source of information & inspiration, a blog with a focus on challenging destructive patterns, a conduit for introducing women making moves that inspire, & a growing apparel range designed to reflect our passion for whole being health.

  “Be your personal best”

As social beings, the tendency to compare ourselves to others is inevitable. How our minds process these comparisons can be either constructive or destructive. At Girls Sweat Too we assert that it is your life, your goals & your motivation for health change that need to be prioritised. We believe that when we strengthen our own resolve to make healthy choices & experience gains in whole being health & fitness, there is a flow on effect to our other relationships.

We also believe that, for sustainable change, retraining the brain needs to be prioritised. Each moment, thoughts arise. It’s what we do with those thoughts that can either strengthen or deplete our resolve to be our personal best.


Louise is a Psychologist & works in private practice in Canberra, ACT Australia